Thursday, October 13, 2016

Fall Is Here Again "Heart emoji"

Medicine Bow National i'm getting why so many people have called Wyoming beautiful. It really is..about 40 miles outside of the city. :)

A new addition to the Resare clan!! Tydus Samuel Resare. He is soooo cute and getting stronger everyday. He is almost 2 months old now. That really flew by! It makes me miss all of my other ADORABLE nieces and nephews. They are all amazing little people and I can't wait to play with them when I see them next.

        Starting our second year of law school! I can't believe it has now been over a year since we moved here. Looking back, I would never go back, but I've learn some amazing things. I've learned what I really want to do in the next couple of years and I've learned how incredibly dedicated my husband is. He has always worked hard, but he has never been quite as challenged as he is now (as I'm sure all of the law school students are right now). He is LOVING it. Last year, the dark year, he would get up at 6am every morning and go study before class. I have never seen him care so much about his work, and it was truly inspiring, something I will never forget. To go along with the fun, we were both either super stressed or depressed all the time! It was rough, but with lots of prayers and great communication (a skill obtained after numerous battles and on going late night talks) we were able to get through it.  This year is a little easier for both of us, just because he now know's what he's doing and most of the classes he is taking are classes he got to choose. I am working at the University of Wyoming Music Department and am a lot happier than I have been. Being around music students all day has motivated me to reach for my goals and dreams that I didn't think were quite possible. I KNOW what I want, even though I always knew I just didn't know how to get there. I want to get my Masters in Vocal Performance. I'm not sure why that was off the table for a while but I'm now determined, I want to have the voice I've always wanted and to have opportunities I've only ever dreamed about! Michael and I want to try living out east after law school because of all the the opportunities for BOTH of us. At least that is the plan. I'll audition for grad schools next year and hopefully get into a place where I can grow the most and achieve. 
       That being said, I am both excited and sad about this. Living in Wyoming and being the only sibling that lives out of state, I have felt immensely heart broken that I can't watch my nieces and nephew grow up. Some of them probably wont even know who I am years down the road and that makes me want to bawl, right here at my desk at work. It's hard to not focus on the things I'm missing but then it's probably because we don't have kids of our own yet. We aren't as busy and worn out as all of my other married siblings with children though.  Ah, babies....another long post for another time. :)
Happy Fall Everyone!!

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